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Trouble Registering -Technical problem

I read in another thread that this is a customer service problem but for me I believe its technical.
I have tried everything to register this software ( I downloaded from a CD purchased at Costco) and nothing works.
I right click the M and select product setup and nothing happens, no redirect, no screen pops up, nothing.
Then when I try to manually update my software, a balloon pops up telling me that I can get automatic updates if I register the software so I select the option to register and the balloon disappears and then nothing happens, no screen pops up for me to register on.
Then I clicked on the contact us link and a window opens and there is a link to register my software but when I fill out the form I have to select a product but my product which is Internet Security 2009 is not listed as an option! Does anyone have any advice for me?
I really don't want to use the internet chat because when I had a problem installing, it took me 4 chat sessions before someone finally told me about the uninstall tool I had to download and was a huge waste of my time!
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RE: Trouble Registering -Technical problem

Assuming its an XP machine and that you do not have any other security software installed ( including old version of McAfee.... you may need to uninstall old McAfee or any other Anti-virus first if you have any or both)

open C:drive
see if there is a folder named sysprep
if you see that renamed it to sysprep_1
now right click on the M icon and then select Product setup.
( if you do not see product setup then you must have installed the CD version over the old McAfee. In that case you may need to remove McAfee from Add/remove and run the uninstall tool.. reboot and then install from CD ROM and complete registration )

If you see the product setup clicking it must get you the screen to proceed.

in any case never use the same email address you had used last time if you wish to do that i would suggest that you call up Customer service and ask them to remove the old expired products from your account so that you can register a newer version on the same email address
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RE: Trouble Registering -Technical problem

Thank you! That did the trick!
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