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Trojans cannot be Trusted in McAfee AntiSpyware

That's what the knowledge base told me when I went looking. And it said that was "by design". Well, what if McAfee is wrong? If I have a file that isn't a Trojan or virus but McAfee says it is, it doesn't give me the option to "trust" it like it would with a PUP. What should I do? I searched the forums and I found this thread:, which Ex_Brit responded to and he directed the poster to a thread which he said would help him, but the link is broken so I couldn't go there. Help, anyone?

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Re: Trojans cannot be Trusted in McAfee AntiSpyware

Hi Neil_Clancy ,

When a file cannot be matched to a known threat, but exhibits unusual and possibly threatening behavior, VirusScan utilizes Artemis technology to evaluate the threat of the unknown file. If the file is deemed unsafe, VirusScan will quarantine the file to protect your computer.

If you feel that VirusScan has incorrectly quarantined a file you know to be safe, you can recover that file or submit it to mcafee labs using the steps in this link  .


Dinesh K

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