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Total Protection

I am extremely upset since the upgrade of the total protection security center. My computer wouldn't do anything I have Windows xp sp3 and I could only have wished for a contact from McAfee right after they released a bad update! My computer prompted me to do a system restore which after trying everything else had no choice but do. So now I'm having to install all my programs and a few of them says I can't use them on 2 computers! I still am unable to reinstall McAfee on this computer (and actually am afraid to!) I had just renewed for another year a few weeks ago ironically.

Then yesterday I read an on the Microsoft website (which I lived at wed. with all the updating and upgrading I had to do!) that they had a false positive on one of the data files......

I am so upset with McAfee right now and very very disappointed with them and will be demanding a refund from my recent subscription renewal.

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Re: Total Protection

This link may help you with your issue.

Technical Support Chat is also very helpful. You can contact them via Useful Links at the top of this page.

Should you decide on a refund, they will grant it if done within 30 days of purchase through Customer Service.

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