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Total Protection subscription question

I'm not sure if this is the proper forum, but I didn't see one specifically for the Total Protection suite. In any event, it's more or less a generic McAfee question.

I have a 3-computer license. I have TP installed on three machines. I'm replacing one of them, which means I'll be uninstalling TP from one machine and reinstalling it on the new one. Am I going to run into a problem activating the reinstall, with McAfee thinking I've installed on 4 computers?


Ken Isaacson
SILENT COUNSEL, a legal thriller
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RE: Total Protection subscription question

No, you would not have any issues with that.


License Use with 3 Users... ? Uninstall / Reinstall...

Could you please help me a little further with this one as well - great answer but just curious how this works.

I do a lot of Parallels and VMware on MAC's and am constantly building and tearing down VM's and each one new must have McAfee to comply with my company VPN access (which is exceptional by the way - big McAfee fan...) ... Now with VMware its lovely because it's included for a year free with VMware - but with Parallels I need to load one of my 3 licenses.

I am curious how the process to grab then release the license occurs so I know what not to forget. Could you please advise? - I had hoped it was something on the WebSite to simply disconnect the association but don't think that is the case.

The interesting thing about mine is it is usually always the same PC. It just is a a VM within the MAC which I make changes to rather often and requires the reinstall of McAfee Total Protection.

My appreciation for help here !!! -