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Total Protection activation problems


please be gentle i am new here,

i have just purchased a new laptop with windows 7, 2.6ghz cpu, 4gb ram. and all of the usual Toshiba bundled software. i have also purchased a McAfee total protection CD.    installed the McAfee CD and i got two options install from CD   or install from internet (recomended) this was said to provide most up to date option.   so am i right to assume i have the most up to date 2012/13 version?

so far so good... then i noticed i had to activate, clicked activate and got a page saying "Activation cannot continue"  tried several more times and got the same message.(That was Yesterday)  the message also says thet until i activate i will not receive automatic updates.  here is more confusion, today i put the laptop on and as soonn as it is fully booted it starts to update McAfee so smething not right there??.

tonight i have been to a work friends house with my laptop, he is more technical thann me and he has a new laptop for his daughter for christmas. he offered to try the software on this NEW laptop. he did the install exacctly the same as i did which was satisfying to me. then the Activation stage... he got the same Cannot continue message, so i tried on his internet connection with my laptop and i got a different message saying that My version of software was NO LONGER supported!!!... only downloaded yesterday!!!..  my friend after a couple of attempts got the same unsupported message.

so we have tried 2 different laptops, on 2 different internet connections and got the same problem with all different configurations. both laptops are BRAND NEW neither have had any other internet security loaded on them. so no need for any pre McAfee uninstalling. 

any help would be appreciated


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