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Total Protection- Manage Network

Why my Manage Network report one of my computers is not protected by the latest version of McAfee software, but when i check that computer it doesn't need that ?  I am confused and this is a new laptop in my network, the fourth in my family. Beside the windows display of McAfee software in that new computer looks different than the others. I attached pics.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Total Protection- Manage Network

You have two versions of Mcafee there the 2nd 1 is 2010 and 1st pic 2009. That will throw messages up such as yours. Upgrade (free on subscription) to 2010 and see what the network map says. To upgrade as clicking update will only get you the new version in 1% of clicks as the new version is throttled to stop the server being overloaded. Thus the only way to be sure to get 2010 is uninstall the old version using the MCPR tool (in useful links tab abve) and reinstall from your licence. This will get you 2010 for sure.

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