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Level 7

Total Protection Issue

I purchased Mcafee in August 2011 and in December I received a message saying my subscription had expired.  I then downloaded another of my remaining 3 subscriptions to try to correct the problem.  It seemed like everything was working again.  The Mcafee Total Protection screen states that my computer is secure with no actions required.  My scans state that everything is okay with no virus' found.  However when i go to Navigation / Firewall it states that the Firewall is off and I am unable to turn it on.  I then ran the virtual technician and it stated there were issues that could not be corrected.  When I went to chat with a tech.  they told me they could not repair Mcafee because my computer had a virus and wanted to charge me $89.99 to remove it.  When I refused to pay the fee the tech said they would send me a link to manually remove the virus myself and that I could call them back when I got it removed.  However the link would not work and when I went to the Mcafee website to download the program it would not download either.  Has anyone had this problem?  Any suggestions?

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Level 12

Re: Total Protection Issue

Not sure what virus it is? You could try this to see if it helps.Download,update, do a full scan.

You may have to try safe mode with networking if it won`t download.

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