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Total Protection - 'Error' on Full Scan


I have McAfee Total Protection on my laptop and have received numerous calls from 'unknown' scammers to tell me my security has lapsed - when I know that it hasn't. However, when trying to perfom a full scan of my system, the McAfee box brings up an error message saying 'an unexpected error has occurred during your scan. Please click ok and try again'.

I have clicked 'OK' but there is no change to the message. The McAfee info box tells me that 'your computer is secure' - but why won't it allow me to conduct a full scan? Can anyone help please?

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Re: Total Protection - 'Error' on Full Scan

Hi Blackswan,

You are right, those calls are fake , as your McAfee security subscription is good until 04/21/2012. And to investigate on the scan error , please provide us with the below details :

Operating system > Windows Xp/Vista/7

Click on About in security center and let us know ;

McAfee Security center :


Aff id:

McAfee Virus scan :

Version :


Do you have any other security software installed on your PC ?

Open Interent explorer – Click on Help – Let us know

Version :

Cipher strength :


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