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Total Protection 2009 - can't activate my subscription


Somebody please help me!

I installed McAfee Total Protection 2009 (3 product user) and it expires on 15/2/2010. It was by a disk. I have been getting a message everyday for a few weeks saying I need to activate my subscription. When I click the option to activate, nothing happens. I had a previous version of McAfee which I didn't unistall because it said I didn't need to on the new disk instructions. When I registered it said it had used my previous versions details. It is the same email address as before. Now today is the last day on the warning message.

What's going on. I'm really fed up with it. I'm impatient too because nothing seems to work. Is my McAfee going to stop working?

It says I am protected. The Security Centre Information on the Home section of my McAfee, won't let me activate my subscription.

Please help.

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RE: Total Protection 2009 - can't activate my subscription

Do it by phone or use Customer Service of page 2nd link from the left. Sorry to take so long but only just noticed this post.
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