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Total Proctetion 2011 installation warning

I recently tried to install McAfee's Total Protection on a desktop, but got this warning:

The software you are installing for this hardware


has not passed WINDOWS LOGO testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP

Then, it went on to say that if I opted to continue with the installation that my desktop might get damaged and that would be the end of my PC.

I continued with the installation anyway.

Did I do the wrong thing?  I have not tried to use my PC yet.

I could not get any help from McAfee's tech support staff.  I would appreciate helpful comments on this issue.

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Re: Total Proctetion 2011 installation warning

Is XP totally up to date, i.e. SP3 and all the updates since?

Edit:  There's a Microsoft Fixit here:

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Re: Total Proctetion 2011 installation warning

There is no need to worry about this alert. It seems you were able to install McAfee. If you face the same issue while installing McAfee again, right click on"My computer" and select system properties.

Select Hardware tab and click on "Driver Signing" button.

Logo test1.JPG

Select Ignore - Install the software anyway and don't ask for my approval.

Logo test2.JPG

Click Ok button and try to install McAfee.

on 28/5/11 1:17:24 PM IST
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