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This system is good for nothing

and McAfee is not doing a good job!!! I am going back to Norton with all its poblems. It's better
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RE: This system is good for nothing

Welcome and I wonder why you went to so much trouble just to tell us that. Good luck with Norton.
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This system is good for nothing!!!

Instead of asking what is the problem, you thank and then why did I go through all that trouble?????
There is absolutely NO technical assistance. All I want to be able to do is to stop the constant daily scanning schedule. There is absolutely no way for me to schedule or reschedule what is in the system and it drives me crazy every day! I tried to get help but..... your reply is a good answer!
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RE: This system is good for nothing!!!

Well, instead of posting what you did as your first effort, which doesn't really make us volunteers too willing to help why not post a question asking just that?

I'm assuming that you have the latest products and are up to date with Windows Updates etc. etc. - which always keeps things running smoothly, hopefully.

Double-click the taskbar icon to open Security Center
Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
Click Configure (lower left)
Click Computer & Files (top left)
Click Advanced (right)
Click Scheduled Scan (left)
You can cancel or alter the scheduled scan in the right-hand pane.

By the way Technical Support is available here or via the link at top left of this page via Chat (or by right-clickng the taskbar icon and selecting Customer Support). It is also available by phone free of charge in the US/Canada only for 30 days after purchase for any retail version of McAfee home protection.
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Scanning daily virus!

Well, I did and I also had done that before. I gave it a day and, today, again....... the computer does not recognize neither the daily virus scanning nor the request to do it every monday only.

By the way, when I posted my first message in this site, I had already tried several ways to get support.

What do I do now? hope you have a suggestion that works.

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RE: Scanning daily virus!

Try running the McAfee Virtual Technician in my signature and post the session ID #. I'll get someone at McAfee to look at it.

Often the MVT can fix things by iteself - you'll get the option at the end.

I'll also need information on your operating system and service pack level and what McAfee product versions are installed:
Right-click the taskbar icon to open Security center
Click About at lower right-hand corner of the opened window.
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>>I was just reading some posts and felt badly for you.
Please tell us what you are trying to do that is causing you so much grief?
I have used McAfee successfully for over ten years and it is a good program.
The only negative is that it gets into the registry too deeply but it does what you want it to.
You have to use common sense .
For example, no one should be using a registry cleaner -future versions of Mcafee will probably not contain a cleaner.
Only if you can maneuver the registry should you use "Ccleaner' for example.
Don't play with the bells and whistles and don't surf ****ography or other trouble sites.
Let Mcafee do the job and you will have no trouble.
You need the firewall, virus scanner etc in other words get the security center and keep it updated.
Best of luck.
It can't cook supper for you . happy
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