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The Detection Signature File is between 8 and 29 days old. Error

Okay. This just started doing this a few days ago and I have tried everything I can think of to fix it.

I awoke to a red X on my M icon a few days ago. I opened security center and it gave me the 89 to 29 days old error. I clicked Fix and I saw the little swirly arror animated cursor in my tray. Then after about 3 seconds, the icon disappeared and it still had the error on the screen. I then tried the manual update button, and the same thing happened. Okay I thought, so I went to the Mcafee site and tried the virtual technician. It scanned, found the out of date signatures, and tried to update them... Same thing. It says it completed repairs but there was no real change. Okay so I tried an old trick I remembered. I rebooted to safe mode with network support and renamed the DAT folder to DATold. I then rebooted and let Mcafee try and find the missing DAT files. I got a red error screen this time, saying that the services did not start. I tried the manual Fix button and it gave me a generic error message. I clicked Update and the same thing happened. I tried creating a new empty DAT folder, no luck.. I finally had to rename back the old DAT folder, just so the services would start and I would at least get partial AV protection, but the yellow remains.

I am running Win 7 RC Build 7100 (At least until mu Win 7 Ultimate software arrives.) I have a custom machine I built a few months back. I know I have plenty of time on my subscription. I primarily use the Firefox Browser. I have plenty of RAM and free disk space. I saw another solved thread with the same problem, but that solution had already been tried and failed.

Here are my Mcafee Stats.

Security Center
Version 9.15
Build 9.15.126
AffId 0-629
Language en-us
Language Pack 9.15.109
Last Update 8/25/09

Version 13.15
Build 13.15.101
AffId 0-629
Language en-us
Language Pack 13.15.101
Last Update 10/7/2009
DAT Version 5763.0000
DAT Creation Date 10/6/2009
Engine Version 5301.4018

If you need the firewall and anti-spam info, let me know.

All of my system's driver software is up to date.

Please help before I pull all of my hair out..
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RE: The Detection Signature File is between 8 and 29 days old. Error


Can you please clarify and follow the steps suggested below,
What is the version Windows 7 is it 32 bit or 64 bit Operating system?
Did you had any issue with spyware alerts or pop ups in the system?
Can we have the MVT session ID number?
How do you connect to the internet (DSL, cable or wireless)?


Basically “Detection signature file outdate” issue may occur due to malware infection or network issue.
Make sure the system date and time is matches your local time zone.
Try to run the free versions of Malware removal tool: clean anything it detected.
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RE: The Detection Signature File is between 8 and 29 days old. Error

It's Win 7 Ultimate 64Bit. Build 7100. I already did the Malware check, no pop up issues or anything. I just uninstalled it again. I am going to try and use the removal tool to make sure every part of it is gone this time, then manually scrub the registry. See my other thread for the latest update to this little Drama.

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