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Systemguards have blocked - How can I UNBLOCK?

I'm running latest McAfee Security Centre v9.3 (total protection 2009). I've changed my mind on blocking a startup program but I cannot find any way to unblock it. Doing "View recent events" finds the one I blocked (shame I can as easy unblock it from the same screen ... would have saved hours).

It lists the process I need to unblock. Before "giving up and posting here, I found advice given on a old thread that I tried to follow, which was:
Basic Menu -> Computers & Files -> configure -> Advanced (from the SystemGuard section) ... then the advice was to remove the block there.

However, it's a dead-end. I don't see the process I need to unblock, just highlevel items like "ActiveX Installations, Startup Items". I've look through the Drop-down list too, Program SystemGuards, Windows Systemguards, Browser system guards ... nothing even remotely to do with the process I'm looking to unblock.

I'm really struggling with this one. I do know that the process was trying to add itself into Win.ini and therefore was attempting to set itself up as a "startup" item. Can anyone help with some advice please??
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RE: Systemguards have blocked - How can I UNBLOCK?

Sorry I forgot to mention that I do normally value the Systemguard protection therefore did not wish to "Under SystemGuard protection, click Off".:eek:
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