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System Guard and AOL Sign On


I just downloaded the Security Center and love it except for one small irritating glitch.
When i go to log onto my AOL account,i cannot get any further than the password.

After much hair pulling and teeth gnashing,uninstalling and re-installing of AOL,several times(knowing AOL's rabid aversion to new programs),i finally determined the problem lay with McAfee's SystemGuards.

I can log onto AOL with no problems only if i disable the SystemsGuards.
I enable SystemGuards after i have logged onto AOL.

It would certainly be most welcome if there is a fix to this?

If it was just me,i could live with it,but i cannot trust my pc newbie hubby to remember to enable SystemGuards again after logging on.
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RE: System Guard and AOL Sign On

Please clarify,

What is the version of OS (Operating system) you use?
How old is the computer?
Do you have any other protection software?

Add all the AOL executables into the Firewall Program Permissions list and give them Outbound-Only Access (preferred) or Full Access.
Open McAfee Security Center.
Click Internet and Network.
Select Configure.
Click Firewall Protection is enabled-advanced.
Click Program Permissions.
Click Add allowed program.
Navigate to an application from the list below and grant either Outbound-Only Access or Full Access.
Repeat previous step for all applications in the list below.
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