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Symantec is better

I got McAfee installed on my pc. One of my pals has got Symantec. My PC takes lots of time to start now as compared to his PC. The Anti Virus seems ok but Anti-Spam is not that good. I was later able to detect a problem after showing clean chit by McAfee. They have many other products, but I hardly found a reason to use some of them. Most of them seem like a way to increase quantity of the entire suite. When i clicked on Manage Network the right view keeps fluctuating. Looks like they still need to be more mature in their products.

Even though I'm not scanning my PC just keeps busy in something. Its frustrating.

McAfee support is paid as well. I had to pay maintenance guy for getting McAfee removed and installing Symantec. Atleast when problem is in their product only, they should provide free support.

I've switched to Symantec.
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RE: Symantec is better

Well good luck with Symantec as it will prove to be very similar to McAfee I am sure.

For anyone else's information there is loads of free support available here in the forums, or via Technical Support (top left of page) email and online Chat, which are available 24/7 and as I said are all free.
Clicking Technical Support at the top left of this page also provides access to hundreds of FAQ's which can provide much of what Technical Support would tell you anyway.

North American customers also get 30 days totally free phone Technical Support for any products bought from them or through retail outlets.

Customer Service is free and is also linked at the top of the page and deals with any account or sales issues.

FYI, until very recently Symantec didn't even have any forums for people to seek help in, so it just simply isn't true that their support, or their products for that matter, are any better.

Andrew1909 I see from your IP that you are posting from Korea. Korea is represented in the drop-down menu for all the different free (& paid) support options. I guess you didn't look hard enough.

The paid options are for those who don't have the time or patience to deal with the free options.
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