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  • Security center should not rely on internet explorer at all
  • Ability to exclude files from scan
  • Investigate why windows explorer will lockup when viewing a folder with "a lot" of subfolders containing "large files"

    • McAfee shouldn't take any action as far as I am aware since I am just viewing a folder

  • Investigate why McAfee service will crash when scanning certain files
  • McAfee identified as a Trojan (New once, after downloading and scanning it multiple time McAfee reported it was fine.
  • Move password vault into a more visible section instead of hiding it under "Configure -> Internet&Network"

    • add menu item to the menu of the McAfee logo in the system tray

  • Add ability to copy data from the security center (example: logs)

I've uninstalled McAfee on my main PC atm (4 pc licenses) simply because I need to have IE8 installed atm + McAfee completely crippling my pc when viewing a folder which contains big files.

I've brought up the most important issues before and it's the last time I'll post about these things, if they are not fixed I don't think we'll renew our license. At the moment we're paying for a product that is lacking functionality and contains some serious "bugs" that severely degrade computer experience. I can live with most of the issues posted above but having my PC lockup when entering a big folder and being unable to exclude files + folders from any type of scan isn't acceptable for me.
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