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Stuck 1% and cant reinstall McAfee

Hi, today i try to run a full scan in my computer, but get stuck at 1% for a long time, so i resete the computer at the safe mode and tried again. In the safe mode i made a full scan and dont find any virus. So i restarted the computer in normal windows mode again and tried to make a quick scan, but get stuck at 1% again. So i tried to reinstall McAfee to see if it was a installation problem, but after desinstalling e restarting the computer, when i try to run the McAfee installer it get stuck at 27%, the computer got 100% disk usage and the instalation nerver finish. Can anyone help ?

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Re: Stuck 1% and cant reinstall McAfee

Yes this seems an issue with 16.0.R7. I see it as well though quick scak appeares to be fixed now after 3 goes . Full scan still an issue with staying at 1% or 15% etc. I have passed this up the line  to the program manager.

Re reinstalling follow this

Assuming you uninstalled McAfee in the normal manner via Control Panel > Programs and Features to start with

Reboot and run a new copy of MCPR.  Or keep it saved to your desktop to try later.

Reboot again. and retry the install

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