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Solution for Home Networking "Lost Admin" problem: Network Cleanup Tool

Network Cleanup Tool

Use the Network Cleanup Tool to restore your network to a clean state if you encounter problems when working with your network map. For example, cleaning your computer corrects what we call the “lost admin” problem. It’s possible—but not useful—to remove or demote the network administrator, leaving other computers on your network without the ability to invite others to join or boost themselves to administrator.

Running this tool will resolve the ”lost admin” problem and clear information about files that you may have shared using EasyNetwork.

The Cleanup tool can be downloaded from here:

Please Note:

The Network Cleanup tool has been developed with the McAfee Total Protection 2009 in mind. The tool has been tested extensively with older versions of Security Center as well and found to be compatible, though it is possible that there may be some rare scenarios where it does not function correctly.

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