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Solution / fix - wireless connection lost (Moved)

Thanks for placing my solution in the "SecurityCenter 9.0 [SOLVED ISSUES]" forum as advised by the reply "Moved".

FWIW an official McAfee reply to my original message was initially expected along the lines of ...

"We are very concerned to hear of the multiple problems that you encounterd that were directly caused by your McAfee product and/or subsequent updates
We will urgently investigate what caused your problems to ensure that this does not happen in the future to you or our other valued customers.
Please let us know details of your purchase and we will compensate you for the wasted time & materials incurred by your purchase of this McAfee product."

Or am I being unreasonable?

Cheers, Ray
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RE: Solution / fix - wireless connection lost (Moved)

Well, you are being optimistic shall we say. We are all volunteers here. We pass things on to McAfee but whether or not they act on those remains to be seen.

Customer Service are the people that deal with compensation, not this forum, where we try to answer technical questions to the best of our ability. If we can't then there is always Technical Support available 24/7.

You did ask me to move that post.
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