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Software deactivated...

I just read a post by someone else in this discussion group, and I think I may have the same problem...

Yesterday I downloaded and reinstalled the latest Internet Security  software after I received a message on my program saying I had 3 days  left until software deactivation (even though my subscription expires in  March 2011). Even after reinstalling it the new program still said I  had one day left until deactivation. Today it finally deactivated so I  actually was naive enough to pay $7.50 to "reactivate" it (as that is  what "My Account" appeared to direct me to do) - then I discovered that  money was simply to add another computer to my subscription. I only have  one computer so that was a waste of a few dollars.

The other 'ironic'  thing is that because it says it's "deactivated" it's now reporting to  Windows Security Centre that Malware Protection is off, BUT it still  warns me of programs wanting to access the internet, and just now it  even installed updates! The annoying thing is that even if it's just "saying"  it's out of date but is still working OK, I now can't access any of the  features on the program's home page...

What's the story here? Apart from just reading that other guy's thread, I went to  this forum earlier today only to find that this has happened to others (only a  couple of months ago, by the way) and some have even moved (or at least  threatened to move) to other Internet Security companies! I don't really want  to do that, so can someone please fix this problem for me - at least  tell me how to reactivate my software properly? Hope you can help and thanks for your time...

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Re: Software deactivated...

I'm having the exact same problem. Except that my mcafee says it expired 100+ days ago(even though the message didn't show up until today) and my account isn't supposed to expire until march 2012.

I also tried to use renew twice and it just added computer uses, except mine was more like 48$ total :-\

A bit annoying to say the least...

I tried unstalling+MCPR then a fresh download off 'my account' but same thing, itll have the normal days until expiration(500+) the a little later or right after using verify subscription, it does the same thing.

I also tried MVT and it reported no problems, which I didn't expect since it does seem to be running fine aside from the date error, leaving me unable to use the main security menu/do scans/etc

Not to metion the thing keeps bugging me about it with a red box every 5 minutes >.<

Till then I've uninstalled mcafee for now, I'll worry about it in the morning after I've gotten some sleep.

Hopefully I can get this sorted out with support and get my money back on those 2 uneccesary orders :-\

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Re: Software deactivated...

Thanks for the reply jk0001.

You just confirmed my suspicions. I actually completely removed the program a few hours ago (using MCPR) and I installed free anti-virus and free firewall programs for the time being - which both already seem to be working very nicely thank you!

I still have 6 months left on my McAfee subscription, so I might wait a while and read more posts, feedback, etc, to see if this problem gets fixed. Even if I DO try to install it again on the off-chance that it might be fixed, I know I can safely uninstall it and stick with these other two programs. If it hasn't changed in the next few months I just won't bother renewing my subscription (I remembered to turn off my auto-renewal), and I'll just have to live with the relatively small loss of money (about $40 for 6 months). Better to lose that than all my files I reckon!!

Cheers and good luck with your dilemma! Hope you had a nice sleep btw

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Re: Software deactivated...

I had 3 computers with McAfee installed and my subscription was approaching its expiry date. However I wanted to add a 4th computer so I renewed my subscription and purchased a 4th license. However at the same time I decided to change the names of 3 of the computers. When I did this McAfee on 2 of my computers kept saying that my software will be deactivated in "x" days, then my software was deactivated. When I tried to reactivate it, they told me I had to purchase another license. This did not make sense as I had 4 and only 2 were installed.


When I checked my account under "subscription" there were about 7 computers listed only 2 were activated and the rest were deactivated. Some of the computers listed were the previous ones which names I changed. Apparently McAfee still recognized the old computers has having the software installed, hence the reason they asked me to purchase more. I contacted McAfee, basically the technician had to deactivate all the licenses that were not active and then reactivate the 2 computers by name that I wanted to reactivate. All i had to do was to right click on the icon and verify the subscription then check for updates. I did this on both computers and everything is now in perfect order.

My first question is how many computers do you have listed on your account? are any active? and how many licenses do you have?

Hope this helps


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Re: Software deactivated...


Thanks for posting this as it may help others

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