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Site Advisor

My Site Advisor isn't working apparently with anything ( yahoo, bing, msn, google ).  I've already checked tools- manage add-ons and it's enabled.  Plus my real time scanning keeps turning off.  I've been on computer 20 min and it's popped up "computer at risk" multiple times. I'm not computer literate for the most part so if you respond please don't get too technical.  Thanks

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Level 20

Site Advisor

download Mcafee virtual tech and see if it finds anything

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Re: Site Advisor

Hi there,

Please let us know some of the basic information regarding your computer ?

What is the operating system ? (Windows Xp/Vista/Win 7)
Do you have any other security software besides McAfee ?
Did you recently perform any changes to your computer like a system restore : (restoring the computer to an earlier date)
Please click here : and run McAfee virtual technician and report back your session id no from it.


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