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Serious problems since installing McAfee Internet Security

I renewed my McAfee subscription a few months back. Since I had two computers using McAfee on separate subscriptions, there was a mix up in the two instances. I eventually wound up speaking with a McAfee representative over the phone which suggested I switch from two one user accounts, to a single 3 user account which I did. Immediately, I began running into problems. Before the switch, I'd always had no problem with McAfee and had been with them for many years prior, but since switching to this 3 user account I've had some very serious issues. First, I began to receive numerous Trojan alerts. Not just one or two, but dozens.  I would scan my system, and find nothing. Then, my desk top began to experience redirects, and a slow loss of functionality of Microsoft applications like word, Internet Explorer and a complete inability to access my McAfee to even scan my system. This culminated in an error that completely rendered my system useless, someting about DCOM server, then a fast blue screen.  I wound up having to re-write my drive to Zeros because I couldn't get the computer to even boot.  After the re-write, I once again installed all my programs, begining with McAfee Internet Security to ensure my system was protected.  Once again, my system began immediately experiencing redirects and numerous trojan warnings, followed by another total collapse of my system and complete data loss.

After this second crash, I immediately tried to use my laptop to contact a friend, and within three minutes of my desktop going down, my laptop crashed also, with complete data loss.  Both had McAfee Internet Security installed and running at the time of the crashes.  I finally got my desk top back up and its been running for awhile now, but with severe problems. Sometimes the computer will boot up to the background, but no icons will appear.  I am forced to reboot the computer again to get the icons. If the computer does boot completely, I am still faced with the problem of my system not resolving my network address and must go through the control panel to reset the TCP/IP.  When the computer does boot up, I am now beseiged by a cascade of error messages, ranging from RunDLL as an app errors,  to other programs "experiencing an error and must shut down."  Even when not online, I still get Trojan alerts.  I tried to contact support and in chat was told that I could authorize McAfee to remote access my computer and they could remove the virus from my computer and that the cost for that would be $89.95. I was floored.  I pay a subscription fee for software which is suppose to protect my system from viruses, and when it doesn't I'm expected to pay almost $90 additional dollars to allow McAfee to remote access my computer to "fix" the problem your software ws supposed to prevent in the first place? I. Don't. Think. So.

This past week, I finally received my restore disks from the company who made my laptop and I reinstalled the operating system and attempted to install McAfee Internet security and got a warning message that I was using more than my limit of three licenses.  I logged into my account and found that each time I'd rewritten my drive and reinstalled it had been counted as an additional License. As I scanned the list, I found a computer named B3H3MOTH on the list. This is not one of my computers. I checked the view on that computer and found it was an IP listed from Chicago Illinois.  I immediately posted a message to the compliance people and deactivated the additional instances of the license I had unknowingly installed to bring myself within compliance to include B3H3MOTH and forwarded the information and IP through that correspondence to the Compliance section of McAfee. Since that email, I have seen B3H3MOTH again, and two additional computers, one from Kalamazoo Mich and the other from Anaheim CA.

Thursday night, I was online and got a message that my McAfee coverage had been deactivated.  I immediately contacted Customer Service and tried to explain the entire situation, but was rudely cut off and transferred to Tech support. For the ensuing two hours or so, the Tech support representative tried to figure out what was wrong, and eventually I was forced to uninstall MAIS and reinstall it.  The initial scan found seven trojans.  An additional scan last night found 20 trojans infecting my computer, and when I checked my account again, I found that my desktop had once again been deactivated, and B3H3MOTH had once again been activated on one of my licenses.  All of this happened with McAfee Internet Security up and running on my computer.


Secondary to that, I'd like to know why if I'm paying a subscription fee for McAfee AntiVirus software, why sould I be charged an additional $90 to fix a problem your software is intended to prevent in the first place?

Four times now, three different IP adresses, have been able to access my acount without authorization and steal one of my licenses, the last two times actually deactivating one of my computers to do so.  My attempts to rectify this through customer and tech support have left me frustrated, and about ready to report all of this to the FCC.  I have lost faith in McAfee's ability to protect not only my system, but my account into on THEIR servers. Customer support wouldn't let me fully explain what the problem was, and Tech support was more worried about trying to fix the problem without hearing everything that's been happening, which might have given them insight into the CAUSE of the problem and helped them fix it.  I spent an awful lot of money to build my desktop and right now its just so much junk because I cant clear it of the viruses and redirectors infecting it without totally replacing the hard drive.

I am seriously considering completely deleting McAfee from my system and never using it again... and this after many years of using nothing BUT McAfee because they were the one reliable AntiVirus I could trust.  Any help in rectifying this problem would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Serious problems since installing McAfee Internet Security

Hello Wayne,

Sorry for your frustration and I understand that you have spent a lot of time and effort on this. Infections can sometimes occur silently, by visiting a website containing malicious code.  Other times, a user can allow an infection by installing a program or plug-in, hiding malware within its code.  These programs are often disguised as free search utilities, screensavers or are even labeled as 'critical software updates'.  Even a protected PC can be made vulnerable under these circumstances.

Moreover, McAfee's Virus Research team is constantly updating its library of 'known' viruses and spyware.  At the core of McAfee software is something called 'heuristic' protection...which looks for suspect behavior by any program or file.  Even so, the constantly-changing nature of viruses and their different variants makes 100% security impossibility, with any anti-virus software.

Also I would recommend you to follow this special document prepared by our experts here to deal with an infected computer , please follow this Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting and let us know if any concerns.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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