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SecurityCenter10-2010 causes home network issues

I recently purchased and installed SecurityCenter10-2010 for 3 computers. The computers are configured as 2-Xp with SP2 and 1-Windows 7.

One of the Xp computers is setup with large disk capacity such that the medial server (Windows 7) can pull files from this computer. Prior to installing Mcafee, I had no issues with connectivity and was pulling files fine.

After I loaded Mcafee on all 3 computers and went through the "trusted site" process, I have issues.

I can see the disk array on the Xp computer but I cannot pull a file from it. I get an error box saying that I dont have permissions AND that I have insufficient memory. I verified that the directories were set up to be shared AND eventually turned off the fire wall for McAfee on both ends but nothing works.

Im at the point of pulling my hair out and ready to return this software.

Please help;

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Re: SecurityCenter10-2010 causes home network issues

Hello James,

Connection issues may be related to the default access rules on your router or the maximum number of connections allowed by the router itself If the router reaches its maximum number of connections, it may refuse subsequent connection attempts.

To open the required ports in McAfee SecurityCenter, perform the steps below.


Open a port in McAfee SecurityCenter

  1. Double-click the M icon.
  2. Click Web and Email Protection drawer.
  3. Click Firewall.
  4. Within the Firewall menu click the Ports and System Services drawer. 
  5. Uncheck the option Windows file sharing and click apply and hit OK

Close security center and see if you are able to access the files

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: SecurityCenter10-2010 causes home network issues

I seem to have the same problem James was having.  I only have two direct connections to my NetGear WRN2000 router plus a laptop on WiFi so I don't think I am exceeding the number of allowed connections.  I looked at opening up the ports as per your instructions, but they were already open.   Any other suggestions?   Things were working correctly until about 2 weeks ago.


Dave S

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