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SecurityCenter vs. Total Protection

I got McAfee Security Center with my Dell PC a year ago, and the subscription has now expired. I was going to renew, and then I noticed that Total Protection was available for a lower cost. Total Protection, from what I can tell, offers the same or more than Security Center does.

Am I missing something? Is there some other reason why I might be better off going with SC than TP?
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RE: SecurityCenter vs. Total Protection

Security Center is just the vessel that contains the various components. You would have to open your current one by double-clicking the taskbar icon, then clicking "About" at the lower right-hand corner. That would tell you what you have now.

Then compare it with the product page for Total Protection.

If it's another Dell package that you are thinking about, give them a call for advice. Or click "Customer Service" at top of this page, second from the left.
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