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SecurityCenter on Windows 7 will not run after running MVT

I'm running McAfee Security Center 2009 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 and have had no problems (for 5 months) except the "McAfee Toolbar doesn't work in Thunderbird 3"

(see "" and "").

I was searching in the McAfee Community to try to find a solution (No solution yet?) and tried to use Technical Support (Chat and Email) to see if I could find out when this problem would be fixed but this forced me to download and run MVT before I could use "Chat and Email". I downloaded and installed MVT just to confirm that McAfee was installed correctly and that there were no problems (I had no reason to believe that anything was not working correctly except for the Spam toolbar in Thunderbird 3.02). MVT downloaded, installed and ran perfectly, not finding any issues.

However, after installing MVT, I can no longer run SecurityCenter. It starts to come up, shows the splash screen for about 2 seconds and then disappears, nothing. It seems to have started up on boot because the tray icon is there. I can run update from the tray icon and this seems to work correctly showing the circular arrow animated icon and then it tells me that everything is up to date. The update and other menu items that do not require SecurityCenter work from the (right click) context menu from the tray icon. The "Scan" context menu item shows the 2 second SecurityCenter splash screen and then nothing.

I have tried uninstalling MVT and rebooted but SecurityCenter still will not start.

I have no other security software except MSC 2009 and the only software I have installed since SecurityCenter was working properly was MVT.

Any ideas what this could be? Please don't suggest that I re-install McAfee or Windows 7 except as a last resort. This is obviously a settings (probably a registry) issue. (I'm a senior development manager who has been developing commercial software for 25 years).

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Last evening I noticed that the "circular arrow" animated tray icon was running and this update indicated that the virus signatures were updated. I did not initiate this update, it ran automatically. It appears I have at least real-time scanning and updating working, I just can't manually start up SecurityCenter or run the regular virus scanner (not the real-time scanner).

After reading dozens of threads, anything that seemed remotely related, I have tried the following:

From the Re: Security Center turns off every day thread (see

I realize that this thread is for XP and I am running Windows 7 x64 and that the services setup for the 2 operating systems may be different, but it was worth a try. In this thread Dinz states that all McAfee services should have "Started" status and be of "Automatic" startup type.

My services look like:

McAfee Anti-Spam Service               Started               Automatic

McAfee Network Agent                    Started               Automatic (Deferred)

McAfee Personal Firewall Service     Started               Automatic

McAfee Proxy Service                     Started               Automatic

McAfee Real-time Scanner              Started               Automatic

McAfee Scanner                                                      Manual

McAfee Services                            Started               Automatic (Deferred)

McAfee SiteAdvisor                        Started               Automatic

McAfee SystemGuards                  Started               Manual

I set Scanner and SystemGuards to be automatic and re-booted. Other than taking an extraordinarly long startup time, I still cannot start SecurityCenter from the desktop, from the tray icon or from the Start menu. I did notice that after setting SystemGuards to "Automatic" startup type and rebooting, SystemGuards had been re-set (not by me) to "Manual" but Scanner remained set to "Automatic" startup type. After seeing that this did not solve my problem, I reverted to my original settings (above).

I also noticed that after I uninstalled MVT and rebooted, there are still MVT entries in the registry. Should there be?

MVT seems to be changing some registry setting for Security Center 2009 when it is installed (and these do not seem to be correct since SecurityCenter will not run with MVT installed) and MVT does not restore the original registry settings when it is uninstalled.

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