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I recently had a tune up done on my computer.  After the tune up in the event log under system I see several warnings saying

Processxx/SVCHOST EXE pid(1620) contains signed but untrusted code but was allowed to perform a privleged operation with a McAfee driver.

Is there  something that needs to bd done about this?.

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Re: Security

I've seen that in my Event Viewer from time to time and found the best policy is to ignore such things as long as your SecurityCenter is green and says it is protecting you when you open it.

In other words I have no idea what it means or what triggered it.

As a precaution to make sure everything is OK I would run the McAfee Virtual Technician and see what it says and if necessary give Technical Support a call, linked under Useful Links at the top of this page, or use their online chat client.

'Tune-Up" can mean a registry clean which we never recommend as the benefits, if any, are fleeting and the pitfalls can include malfunctions in your software and even hardware because they invariably clean out essential registry keys.

Note: The MVT is updated on a regular basis and must be downloaded freshly each time it is used and can be uninstalled in the normal manner via Control Panel.

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