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Security centre doesn't recognise renewed subscription

So here is the situation;

When i bought my laptop about a year ago, it came with a free trial of mcafee security centre. I installed it, when that expired I put my computer onto one of those multi-user things we bought for the family laptop and desktop PC. That was in December and everything worked fine. We come to about March and the Secrutiy Centre says my trial subscription is over and my computer is at risk. However, all of the Mcafee features still work. It won't let me update anything because it thinks I don't have a subscription (even though I do), but i think that automatic updates were already setup. When we went on the family account it says that my laptop is under this multi-user protection.

What can I do to make the Security Centre recognise the subscription is valid and that it is not a trial?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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