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Security Files Missing Please Help!

I removed mcafee security many times because it wouldnt scan for viruses and said files were missing. Now when I tried to reinstall it says the following error messages while installing McAfee Preinstall Scanner, Virus scan API Daily module, systemguard service, Mcshield.exe & Application Configuration module, encountered a problem and needs to close and the security center doesn't install correctly it wont scan for viruses it says files are missing, scanning has encounted a problem from which it cannot recover scan failed to start result =2147467259.

I have tried to run virtual technician, but that didn't work at all. On the Am I protected side where you can click on fix now it comes back as saying there is an error, and it says the detection signature file is more than 30 days old some components are missing reinstall mcafee virusscan, privacy service shuts down unexpect. and parental controls are disabled.

I can't use my system restore, to set the computer back to an earlier date even doing ti on safe mode I have no other conflicting security software installed, I used system configuration utility selected selective startup unchecked process SYSTEM INI and WIN INI files and stopped all programs that arent microsoft to see if anything is conflicting. I am using windows xp and all my microsoft updates are all up to date with service pack 3.

I also did a scan on Malwarebytes and they found 2 threats that I fixed.

I have had mcafee for a long time and have never had a problem, recently I got high speed internet through comcast that was installed by a tech and they use mcafee for security as well if that makes a difference but I don't see any problems.

Also I wanted to make sure when I removed the mcafee security I removed from the add and remove program list and then installed the MCPR Cleanup tool but when I started it it says clean-up failed clean-up is already running and I can't click on view log because it won't let me.

Please help I am worried not having any security for my computer and get a virus I can't recover from Thanks!
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RE: Security Files Missing Please Help!

If you are unable to run the MCPR> Please open Control Panel> Open Scheduled Tasks> Check whether you have Mc Cleanup over there – If found delete it and then try to run MCPR and reinstall back the programs.
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