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Security Centre 9.2


My computer seems to freeze quite a lot and when I check my processes it is McProxy and Mcshield which both seem to be causing the problem.

Furthermore, I constantly get a pop up from the task bar from McAfee asking me to upgrade my security centre for free and I have done this many times - downloading and installing - yet it still asks me again in a short space of time.

What sort of information would you require further to help me with these problems?


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Level 7

RE: Security Centre 9.2

Please clarify the below:
1. What is the operating system that you use?
2. Please specify your computer’s configuration as well (Minimum 256 MB RAM required)
3. Make sure you don’t have any other security programs installed in the computer, if so uninstall them (E.g: Norton, Trend Micro, Spy Blaster etc…)
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