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Security Centre 10 problem in home network


I have a simple hard-wired home network consisting of two PCs both of which can access the Internet via their common Router (  The Desktop ( runs XP Professional, the Laptop ( runs XP Home.  Both PCs run the latest version of McAfee Security Centre and each computer is shown as trusted on their respective “My Network” maps.  The Windows firewall has been disabled on both computers, and ‘File and Printer Sharing’ has been enabled on both computers.


The Laptop cannot ‘see’ shared files on the Desktop using “My Network Places” (in fact its folder is empty), and it cannot Ping it or connect to it via its computer name.  The other direction works fine showing all shared files on the Laptop.

However, when I turn the Firewall off on the Desktop temporarily everything is fine, indicating to me the Firewall in the Desktop may need attention - this is a guess being a novice. 

The firewall settings in the McAfee Security Centre on both computers are as follows:-


  • to    Home
  • to    Home

Ports and system services (checked)

  • UPNC  Ports 5000, 1900 and 2869
  • Common operating system port 5357

Can anyone please advise me what to do next?

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