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Security Center won't stay open

I've seen a couple of other threads on this, but I'm not sure what action to take. There were a few from a couple of years ago that said that it was an incompatibility between IE 8 and McAfee, but when I went to uninstall IE8, I had problems. I couldn't do Add/Remove because it didn't give me the option. I had to use a link and Start > Run and it said I had all these applications that relied on it, did I want to continue? I cancled out of that for now.

As far as I know, this is a recent problem.  This was an installation from Comcast (who is going to Norton apparently so I don't know if it will be supported by them in the future).

I've also run Avast and Malwarebytes but this was prior to installing either of them.

McAfee wants to download updates all the time, and it seems to be doing fine otherwise. I just can't control it. It pops open for 2 seconds and is gone again.

I don't know if it's related, but the Windows Search function opens and closes in a similar fashion and Word 2007 is currently hosed on me.


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Re: Security Center won't stay open

Have you been using registry cleaners and/or optimizers?   They will do this to you all the time.

The business between IE8 and McAfee was ages ago and only referred to IE8 beta, no problems at all with IE8 now.

IE set at default settings has no problems.

Is Windows totally up to date?  What version and service pack?

Also what version of McAfee is installed - does it look like this?


Have you checked for malware?

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