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Security Center update crashing email

I was using Eudora email with the 7 version without any problems. Now after downloading the latest update when I try to open email I receive an error message stating that the email encountered a problem and had to close (before it opens, actually). When I go to the details the error signature appears to list a file Mskuplg.dll update as the problem.

I am currently running:
Security Center 9.3 (Build 9.3.137)
Virus Scan 13.3 (Build 13.3.115)
Personal Firewall 10.3 (Build 10.3.106)
Site Advisor 2.8 (Build 2.8.304)
Anti-Spam 10.3 (Build 10.3.109)

I have tried disabling the Anti-Spam, the Personal Firewall and Virus Scan of emails. I get the same results.

I have not tried uninstalling any software at this point till I heard from the site here.
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Level 7

RE: Security Center update crashing email

OK, I got Eudora to work. But to do it, I had move the offending McAfee file, Mskuplg.dll, to My Documents. (I didn't want to delete the file and find out afterwards I created another problem.)

My email is working now. Of course the question now is: What function did the Mskuplg.dll perform? Have degraded McAfee protection by doing this?
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