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Security Center stops working every six months - why?

On my Dell XPS 64bit Vista Home Premium - about every six months MSC stops working without warning and without messages.  It has now happened for the third time.  On each occasion I ran the virtual technical assistant and it confirmed that all the main parts of MSC were not running and it could not fix it.  I have to delete all McAfee products, download and re-install.  Just happened again and the McAfee icon was still in the taskbar OK but would not respond to any kind of mouse clicks.  Ran MVT and said it not working.  Tried to remove it using windows to start with (as recommended) but this failed with a white blank dialogue box.  Downloaded and ran McAfee removal tool and everything seemed to be removed.  It is now reporting everything is OK - until the next time.  Any idea why this is happening?

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Re: Security Center stops working every six months - why?

Hi dbrman,

Please let us know what error message you see in security center while it stops working ?

Please provide us with a screen shot of the same when its disabled or such ,.

Did you previously have any other security software installed on the PC ?

How is your computer connected to internet ? DSL/wireless ? Do you have any issues with the network connectivity ???


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Re: Security Center stops working every six months - why?

Hi Jai

On every occasion there has been no error message and no warning - I have discovered it 'by acident'.  This last time I could see the M shield icon in the task bar and I chose to click on it just to remind me when my account would expire.  It would not open and would not respond in any way either with right click or left click.

The previous two occasions were more obvious as the M shield logo went missing from the task bar and when I clicked on the desktop icon nothing happened.  On the previous two occasions I was able to delete the application using Windows programme removal and then I ran the removal tool.  This last time - Windows would not allow me to remove the application but the removal tool removed it.

You can see the reports I obtained using MVT attached to my post.

McAfee came preinstalled by Dell and it has been updated ever since.  The computer is connected to the internet DSL router by ethernet cable and the wireless is disabled.

I have not had issues with internet connectivity.

Thanks and regards


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