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Security Center preventing Windows 7 install


I have been trying to upgrade a Windows Vista laptop to Windows 7. The upgrade fails with a message saying I cannot proceed with Mcafee Security Center installed. I have uninstalled Mcafee using the Programs and Features within Vista. And I have run the Mcafee clean up tool MCPR.exe (as administrator) 4 times.

However none of this has resolved the issue. The Windows 7 install still insists that Mcafee is still present. Any ideas what the problem may be?
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RE: Security Center preventing Windows 7 install


RE: Security Center preventing Windows 7 install

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RE: Security Center preventing Windows 7 install

Disable System Restore temporarily as it may be appearing in those folders.

If you are satisfied that you successfully ran the uninstaller and subsequently the removal tool with no errors then there is only one other method.

Go to Start/Run and enter regedit and click OK.
A page should open with the top left hand corner looking like this:

if for some reason it's expanded, collapse it and then highlight My Computer.
Go to File tab and click "Export" and send the registry to your desktop. This is in case something goes wrong. It can then be rebuilt by simply right-clicking that desktop item and selecting merge.
Now click the Edit tab and then "Find". Enter "McAfee" (minus the "") then click "Find next" (or hit the enter key).
Whatever is found, right-click and delete.
Hit your F3 key for the next instance and keep going until all entries are gone.
If one says it can't be deleted this is where it gets complicated. You have to then find which key on the left column pertains to it and right-click/Properties/Permissions and give yourself ownership & then permission.
This takes a LONG time by the way.
If all is successful that entry could not possibly remain and you can then delete the registry backup.

This has to be done when signed in as an Administrator by the way.