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Security Center not working

I just finished reinstalling McAfee to my computer for the update, but now every time I try to open SecurityCenter, all I get is a blank window that doens't go away. Also when a click the icon right click the small icon from my start menu, nothing shows up. There are no options to open SecurityCenter or run a scan.

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Re: Security Center not working

A blank interface can be caused by a number of things.  SecurityCenter is an actual Internet Explorer page so the first thing to check is IE non-beta & totally up to date and using default settings?   For XP it should be IE8 and for Vista/Win 7, IE9 and for Win 8, IE10 of course.

The second thing that can cause this is the introduction of non-standard fonts into the system.  If you have fonts set to non-default or have installed any new ones, try reversing the process.

You could also get free Technical Support by phone or online chat using the link under Useful Links at the top of this page, as they are better equipped to troubleshoot such things.  Now if you get a blank windowd there trey a different browser.


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