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Security Center and Media Center on Windows 7 x64

I have never had any issues with McAfee products on any windows machine, that being said, our media server running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate automatically updated to the new Security Center 2010.  Everything appears to be working just fine except for Media Center.  It will work fine and run on the actual PC but my issue is really when using the XBOX 360 as a media extender.  With Total Protection 2009 it worked flawleslly and I didn't have to configure any settings what so ever.  The xbox 360 would connect within seconds to the PC and streaming movies wasn't an issue.  I have uninstalled Security Center 2010 and tested the network using Media Center's Tune Network and have noticed that with it not installed it works fine.  However the minute that Security Center 2010 is installed and started, the Network performance dimishes to nothing.  I can surf the web and download just fine.

I contacted chat support and they even took control of my pc and told me to configure the firewall settings to allow Media Center to work properly.  I added every exec file that I could find that dealt with Media Center since I don't know specifically which files are necessary for the proper firewall configuration, nor did the representative that I spoke to.  I did a google search and did find a few things but they dealt with Total Protection 2005 and Media Center settings.

In short, the conclusion I came up with is that something in Security Center is hindering Media Center from operating properly.  I have been using McAfee products since I can remember and would really like to continue.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Security Center and Media Center on Windows 7 x64 I sent you an email regarding your issue. If you read on towards the bottom it should answer all your questions.

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Re: Security Center and Media Center on Windows 7 x64

Did you ever get it to work. I have a Dell laptop running Windows7 64 and trying to hook up my xbox-360 to the media extender and no luck.

Thanks, Tom

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