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Security Center Updates Gunking Up the File System - Suggestions?


I'm experiencing a problem that takes a bit of explanation, so I hope you'll bear with me:

Security Center updates interrupt video WI-FI streaming to my TV, so I have them set to only alert me when they are available. If I'm streaming, I delay the update, otherwise, I allow them.

The default announcement says that the update may require a reboot, but it very rarely does.

However, after an update, my file access becomes sluggish. In file manager, right clicking on a file (to rename it, for example) causes the spinner (hourglass) to appear for four or five seconds before the option menu appears. This "stickiness" gets worse and worse with each update. Finally, activities such as double-clicking on a jpeg to launch the viewer can take 20-30 seconds!

If I reboot, things return to normal (instantaneous response to file activity such as move, copy, or launch - unless of course the involved drive has spun down due to inactivity).

Since the updates come at such an astonishing frequency, I would prefer to avoid rebooting after each one (I sure would like to limit that frequency also, but that's another question).

Obviously, the video streaming interruption and the file handling problems point to the updates touching the open file handles and/or hooks, but it seems that either some checking process is erroneously left in place, or update itself is slightly broken.

So, I'm wondering:

1. Is this problem unique, rare, or common?

2. Is there a solution other than rebooting every couple of hours?

I'd appreciate any and all knowledgable replies. (You don't need to tell me that you don't know what's causing it, nor am I one to make arcane system modifications to sidestep misbehaving software packages, No offense)



Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit


Intel Core i7 CPU 960 @ 3.20GHz

Security Center 11.0

Virus Scan 15.0

Personal Firewall 12.0

Anti-Spam 12.0

Parental Controls 13.0

Quickclean & Shredder 11.0

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Re: Security Center Updates Gunking Up the File System - Suggestions?

One quick clarification on your McAfee versions?

Version of your McAfee Personal Firewall :

Build :

And can you try disabling Net Guard and update us if you still have this issue?

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Level 7

Re: Security Center Updates Gunking Up the File System - Suggestions?

Version of your McAfee Personal Firewall : 12.0

Build : 351

"try disabling Net Guard" - Need a bit of help here. How do I go about this?



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