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Security Center Knocked off my PC

Somehow Security Center was knocked off my pc, I have no idea how this is possible, I made no changes to the pc. I did not even notice it was gone, so in the interim, days likely, I acquired about 5 viruses. After I realized the Security Center was gone, I went to Comcast to re load it, getting through download to run it, only to receive an error message, that there was a problem completing the download as I may not be connected to the Internet, when I clearly was connected. I spoke to techs from Comcast and McAfee, I installed and ran Windows Security Essentials, removed 5 viruses, re booted, but STILL see the same error message when attempting to re load McAfee. Is mt IE (8) corrupt, do I still have infections?, can this be repaired? I am running Windows XP 5.1 service pack 3, 504MB ram
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RE: Security Center Knocked off my PC

please confirm the following;
Does the computer have any other antivirus softwares ?
Try running Mcpreinstall tool from the following link
& try installing again

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