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Security Center - Free Upgrade for Windows 7

I have McAfee Security Center from Dell computer bought within the last year. I have purchased Windows 7 and will be installing soon. I have read on the McAfee website that only Security Center 9.11 or higher will work or even install on Windows 7. If one tries to install McAfee Security Center version prior to 9.11 on a Windows 7 system, that it will give a "not compatible" error message.

When I logon to the McAfee My Account page, it shows the McAfee Security Center product for which I have an active subscription. When I click on the Download button, will it give me the LATEST version of Security Center which one would assume to be compatible with Windows 7? or will it simply re-download the same version I have now, which I got when I bought it from Dell about 10 months ago?
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RE: Security Center - Free Upgrade for Windows 7

Answering your concern,
Yes , if you install Mcafee from the website, you will be getting the latest version downloaded to the computer.

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