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Security Center Blank - Enable Pop-ups?

I am having the same blank security center window issue on a brand new laptop.

From the threads I've read on this issue (which seems to have been around for over 2 years), it seems the solutions vary from complete re-installs of everything, to using versions of browsers you don't really want to use, to enabling pop-ups in the internet zone in IE etc.

If I have to remove the latest version of browsers (which I need for testing as a web developer), go through a rather involved removal and re-install process, and then setup my PC with less than desirable internet security settings just to use a product which is supposed to increase my online security - it's not really much of a solution at all!

When is this going to be sorted? It looks to me that mcafee tech support are more bothered about closing off all these "blank screen" threads, than they are to providing a proper solution.

McAfee Security Center came bundled with my laptop, I think I get 3 months free updates or something. Well, it hasn't bl**dy worked for the last 2 months, so the chances of you selling me a proper version in a months time are a bit on the slim side I should say.

Question: why enable pop-ups in the internet zone? it's all local isn't it? if the security center window is accessing web content then whats the address of the content? maybe I can add it to my "trusted sites" maybe that'd work? if not, then why the deuce do I need to enable pop-ups on the internet zone to get this working? This is surely a bug - a bug thats been around for over 2 years, and you still haven't fixed it!

Come on, pull your finger out!
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RE: Security Center Blank - Enable Pop-ups?

Well well if its is a Bug then we would have had millions of people calling in for blank page issue which we don't 5-6 threads with 10 people does not cover a million....Smiley Happy

hmmm.. if you are posting on threads old as 2 years then you will feel that it is the same issue.( the software version 2 years ago is obviously not the same that you have on your machine now)
being a web developer you must be aware that Beta products are not supported and is meant only for testing purposes and not on a production machine.

If you have noticed all those threads you will know that the GUI is based on the Internet explorer and that explains the fixes mentioned all these years...

Internet explorer 8 beta 2 is not supported and will not work with McAfee until further notice.( there is no point in changing the codes of our application for something that by it self is not a full product yet.! (read Beta) )

I hope that clears the doubts on your mind.Smiley Happy

Personally if I was testing a beta on a machine I would not have expected all the software to work smooth as its a test.

Hope this helpsSmiley Happy
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RE: Security Center Blank - Enable Pop-ups?

Duplicate thread please stay with only one thread.
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