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Security Center Activation failure. Please help.

I'm new to the Communities and have unsuccessfully searched for an answer to this question.  I purchased a laptop with McAfee Security Center version 10.0.584 preinstalled.  The laptop uses Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9. I keep receiving a message to activate my McAfee because "my computer is at risk", but when I click on the "Activate" button, it does nothing.  If I try to open it through the start menu, a window pops up saying "Please wait while we connect to" but just spins and spins, doing nothing.  My control panel says the Security Center is active, but the McAfee Virtual Technician says no McAfee products are running.  I'd like to either uninstall or activate, as I need to make sure my system is protected.  Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you, Michelle

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Re: Security Center Activation failure. Please help.

First try the verify subscription option (right click the shield)

If no good better a clean uninstall reinstall from your account. Ensure you can access your account 1st. Ie go to Mcafee home site and my account. See if any licences can be activated from the subscription there.

If still no good uninstall

reboot and run

Reinstall and hopefully it will activate.

Last thing then or you can try this before the uninstall is contact Customer service link in useful links tab above. They will nut this out.

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