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Level 7

Security Center 9.15 restarts itself and freezes games

I spend quite a lot of time using flight and motor racing simulators and to provide a smooth experience I temporarily disable non-crucial programs using a proprietory piece of software. All has worked fine until recently but now I experience CTDs or freezing virtually every time I go on the simulators. :confused:
On investigation, Security Center re-activates itself after a few minutes and I strongly suspect that this is what's causing the problem. Any ideas; views or suggestions? I'm losing the ability to enjoy a simulated world - and the real one's pretty awful... sad
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Level 16

RE: Security Center 9.15 restarts itself and freezes games

Sorry for the delayed response,
Are you still facing the same issue; if so please confirm the following;

What is the computer’s operating system?
How is your computer connected to internet (Dsl, Wireless)?
Do you have any other antivirus software installed on the computer?
Did you make any recent changes for the computer?
Do we have any errors while starting those programs?
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Level 7

RE: Security Center 9.15 restarts itself and freezes games

Now it's my turn to apologise for not replying sooner! Thanks for responding to my query.

In fact, Security Center was not to blame! After hours of testing I found that a downloaded sound file was the cuplprit, although Lord knows why it would run OK for a while and then cause a problem. :confused:

Still; normal service now resumed - with a clean bill of health for McAfee! happy Thanks again.
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