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Security Center 2012 Update Query

Hi, not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

Until yesterday McAfee Security Center 2012 was running normally, but now whenever I check for updates, the "Your Software is Up to Date" message doesn't display and it appears to start downloading the current DAT instead, even though it's already been downloaded and installed.

Things appear to be functioning normally apart from that, and I recently installed the newest DAT file (7210) without any problems. Is this something to be concerned about?

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Re: Security Center 2012 Update Query

I think you should just wait until it updates on its own.  7210 is the latest DAT for those who have the 2012 version I believe so I wouldn't worry.  Maybe the servers are offline momentarily.  (The 2013 version  and upwards no longer use DAT's & update in a different way.).

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