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Scheduled Scanning

I was wondering if this is a bug or something since one of my computer recently update to Security Center version 10.5.327 and this has never happened before.

Okay so what happened was that today I turned on my computer at 8:30 in the morning and I performed a Full Scan after updating my Anti-Virus' dat version to 6348.  After the scan finished, in about an hour.  I decided to check the web a little, since even though McAfee said that the next scheduled scan was 10 minutes away (located in the security reports)  I knew that it would actually start later than that.  Okay and then here comes the weird part at around 10:30, just as a was scrolling down on an article I was reading.  My computer froze, the mouse wouldn't move, I tried to open the task manager.  But nothing happened, of course as soon as it froze, I noticed that the McAfee shield icon in the bottom right had the swirling symbol, meaning that it was either updating something or performing a scan.  Which I believe that it was performing a scan.  Since nothing worked for the pass 4 minutes, I had to hold down the power button to shut down my system.

After I turned my computer back on, I had a notice from Adobe saying that there is a newer version for their Flash Player.  Seeing this, I was thinking that maybe at the time right when McAfee was starting the scan, the Adobe update was trying to appear to and caused my system to freeze, but that is just a hypothesis.  Afterwards, I just left my computer alone and didn't do anything on it except for moving the mouse a little every ten minutes so that the screen saver doesn't come on.  I know that I read somewhere that McAfee's Scheduled Scans don't start if you are doing anything on your computer and that if your mouse is being used.  But, why is it that when I was surfing the web and read articles about new technology, the scan starts no more than 1 hour after the full scan.  While, when I left my computer alone and didn't do anything on it, it took a total of 2 hours before it started.  And, to clarify when I mean that I wasn't doing anything, I mean it.  I had the task manager on the whole time for the 2 hours and it said that my CPU usage was a 0% the whole time until the scan started.

So basically, when does the scheduled scanning start (example: the conditions needed for it to start)?  And why did my computer freeze when the scan was starting?  Since before the new Security Center update I could surf the web or watch a video and the scan would start with no problems and I would be able to stop the scheduled scanning since I already performed a full scan.  But since this is the first time a scheduled scan has ran since I updated my Security Center to 10.5.327, maybe I really need to not do anything on the computer now and just wait 2 hours for it to start, when before it could start even if I was surfing the web and not cause problems.

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