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Scheduled Scan

Hi - I have 3 computers on my home network & all are running Total Security (Security Center 9.0 & VirusScan 13). On this network I have 2 NAS devices with a total of 1.5 Terabytes of storage. On my scheduled weekly scans, each computer checks itself and all attached drives, which takes forever. I would like to customize the scans so my least utilized computer checks the network drives and the other two computers only check their internal drives.

Is this possible? Can someone point me to a resource that describes this or provide some direction?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Scheduled Scan

It's not possible with the Home products, only with Enterprise (Corporate) products. The only solution is to unplug anything that you don't wish to be scanned.

We've been told that it may be possible on some future version, as it was several versions ago, VirusScan 10 I believe was the last.
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