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Same problems

Good Afternoon to both Ex_Brit and vinod_r2,

I am having the same situation with " Your computer is not protected" and failure to update. I have also tried to run the Virtual Technician but it will not run and says that it can not connect to the internet. I purchased Total Protection 2009 Ver. 9.3 (security center). Also, once I loaded the software, Windows update stopped working. I have tried to update both McAfee and Windows manualy everyday. I am currently running Vista

Thank you in advance!
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RE: Same problems

What operating system and service pack are you using, are you up to date and how do you connect to the internet? Also what browser & version is used as default?

Also what other protection software is present?

It certainly should have no effect on Windows Update, or any other updates for that matter.

Check for malware using the free version of these two tools and let them clean everything they find:
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