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SS v9.3 and Outlook 2003 Compatibility?

Just about a week ago I downloaded and installed McAfee Security Suite. It was provided by my cable ISP in a 3 computer pack. The download consisted of Security Suite v 9.3, Virus Scan v 13.3, Firewall v10.3, Site Advisor v 2.9 and Parental Controls v11.3. My computer is a custom build with an Asus P5B motherboard, an Intel E8600 processor and 4 GB of ram. I have XP Pro installed as the OS and use Office 2003 for general purpose computing.

Since installing Security Suite I have found that about 90% of the links I click in Outlook email fail to open and make it necessary to shut down Outlook and restart it because it becomes totally non responsive. By typing or cutting and pasting the links into the IE or a Firefox address bar I get an immediate connection to the target site. I went to the McAfee support site and ran the Virtual Technician software and it found nothing wrong with the installation. Nothing else new has been installed on this computer in about a month so I know that the problem began with the McAfee installation. I searched for similar questions on this site but couldn't find much in the recent time frame and nothing with a definitive answer to the problem.

Can someone help me here?

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