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SMTP Fails on Sending from Exchange Account

On my home computer I use Windows Live Mail client to access Hotmail account and it works fine.  Attempted to set up a new account in the WLM client on the home computer to access my university email network.  But every attempt to send a message on WLM returns a SMTP access failure error.  Able to receive mail just fine.  The enterprise network is an Outlook Exchange platform.  My home network is protected by McAfee Security Center, with VirusScan, Personal Firewall, Anti-Spam, etc.  Different sources on various user forums suggest that McAfee is the problem.  Of all the security utilities I've tried, McAfee is my preference and it would be disappointed to learn that it is incompatible with using my employer's Exchange network.  Is there anything to be done with McAfee Security Center to gain SMTP access from home to an Exchange network elsewhere?  Thank you.

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