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SC won't install

I bought a new subscription for Security Center but it wont install. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling after talking to support McAfee Ref 328 570 684. The install program opens a blank window. Ive reinstalled Java and let the virtual technician do everything it wanted to. Help please!
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RE: SC won't install

Are you using or have you installed (whether you use it or not) a beta version of IE8? If so uninstall and then download and install the full version from Microsoft.

This was a common occurence with beta versions of that browser even if you weren't using it. McAfee uses IE regardless of your settings.

If you do already have either IE7 or 8 final, then go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click "Reset". OK any prompts and click Apply and OK. Close and reopen IE.

Re-enable add-ons through Tools/Manage Add-ons.

Also check that browser add-ons such as Adobe Flash, Shockwave and Reader are up to date plus that you have only the latest Java engine installed.

See if that helps.
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