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Right-click scan doesn't work under Windows Vista (once again)

Hi to all co-sufferers!

Reading lots of forum posts I recognize that I am not alone with my problem but it still seems to be an unresolved issue.

What's wrong? Well, when I am using the Windows Explorer and right-click on any element (e.g. a hard drive, a folder, a single file) and then choose "Scan" in the context menu only the SecurityCenter opens but the respective selection is not scanned by VirusScan.

On my Desktop PC under Windows XP it works fine but I can't get this running on my Laptop using Windows Vista.

The suggestions I found in this forum so far are somehow suspicious to me because they all sound like "trial & horror" - as if no one exactly knows what's causing the problem.

What's the difference in XP and Vista when using the right-click scan functionality?
Did anyone have exactly the same problem and was able to solve it? How?

Find below my computer setup information for further reference.

Any (new) hints and tips are highly appreciated !! Thanks a lot in advance.
System information:

SecurityCenter Version 9.3 (Build 9.3.137)
VirusScan Version 13.3 (Build 13.3.117)

Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 (32-Bit OS) -> all Updates installed

Firefox Version 3.0.8 (Default browser)
Internet Explorer Version 7.0.6001.18000

No other Security software is running on the computer.

Possible registry errors:

Regarding the possible problems with registry keys (see I have checked the registry. All 3 keys do exist.

What have I done so far?

  • The virtual technician doesn't find any problems with the installation.
  • Uninstalling McAfee and re-installing it (including complete removal of the McAfee products) didn't help.
  • Resetting IE7 in Tools\Internet options

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Level 7

Please close this thread (which doesn't deserve the name "thread")

To whom it may concern (especially Forum-Admins):

6 months passed - no response from anyone at all. My conclusion is that

a) the problem description is to precise for "standard support procedures" (like "run
MVT, then de-install, then re-install, then de-install, then re-install, blablabla") and
b) no one has any ideas what could cause such a problem and
c) the critical mass of users having the same problem is too little for occupying
with this thread.

Therefore: Please mark this thread as UNRESOLVED but CLOSED.

Thanks - Over & Out,
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